Portübersicht Sohpos MDM



Known to apply to the following Sophos products and versions

Sophos Mobile Control

Ports for external to internal communications:

1.Port 443 (HTTPS) to connect your mobile devices to the Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) server. This port is also used to connect to the webinterface.
2.Port 80 is re-routed to port 443 and needs to be accessible.
Ports for internal communications:

1.Port 80 / 443 (HTTP / HTTPS) is used to connect to your internal exchange server.
2.Port 389 / 636 (LDAP / LDAPS) is required to use your internal LDAP-Server.
3.Port 25 (SMTP) for sending alarm emails from your Sophos Mobile Control Server.
Ports for internal to external communications

1.Port 443 (HTTPS) in order to connect to the external SMS-server (sophos-mc.smsdc.de).
2.Port 2195 for the connection to the Apple Push Notification Service (gateway.push.apple.com)
Please note: Apple recommends you benable communication to the whole 17.*.*.* network.
Ports for device communication
1.Port 443 (HTTPS) in order to connect to the SMC-Server
2.Port 5228 (C2DM or GCM) for the devices to contact the Google Servers
3.Port 5223 (APNS) for the devices to contact the Apple Servers

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